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Variety of quality products

We have all the designs to suite the different tastes of our customers. We have different brands of ceiling tiles with the highest quality which will leave you just pleased on the sight of them when installed in the correct manner. Our ceiling tiles products have different sizes, variety of colors, special features as border tiles, coffered designs and collections such as feather-light, signature and accessories for the actual installation. The list of the brands and products is countless but the customers can also access the gallery by contacting us on 800-309-9910.


Choice of style

At Ceiling Tile Guys, we have all design styles of ceiling that the customers can have for their construction. We can help you in selection of your desired style of your ceiling from the various categories of designs we have in possession. For instance, there is the design smart, health smart, fire smart, money smart, sound and heat smart as well as light smart all of which have different advantages for the customers to enjoy. For example the health smart design has the merit that are dust-free and low VOC which are 100% waterproof.


Highly-trained personnel

At Ceiling Tile Guys, we have the required personnel who are qualified in this area of expertise and therefore provide the useful information to our customers. The staff is also available for your services 24 hours and can answer any of your questions about any of the ceiling tiles. Among our staff are expert consultants who can help you design your ceiling in the best way that will fits your needs. If you like any more information about our designs and different brands of ceiling tiles, contact as on 800-309-9910

For more information, Please feel free to contact us on our phone 800-309-9910 and you will have all the information that you need from us.

Importance of new ceiling tiles

You have a construction undergoing and it has reach that point of setting up the design of the ceiling but you have no idea on where you will have the best quality of ceiling tiles or the personnel to set the ceiling for you. Do not worry anymore because we are here to help you achieve all your ceiling goals. We can help you choose the best style and design that fits and matches with your construction. Apart from providing the ceiling tiles, we also have the technical personnel to actually install the tiles for you in the best design that pleases you. For all this, you can just give us a call on 800-309-9910 and we will be honored to do the ceiling design and set up for you.

Quality is our call

For the provision of these products, we ensure that quality is never compromised for any other factor. We provide our customers with products which can make them rest assured that their ceiling will be beautifully designed and come up with the design of their choice. It is from the quality of our products that we have earn enough trust from our customers to provide them with the ceiling tiles every time they have construction. It is also our motivator that the products we produce earn us trust and used for the intended purpose thereby meeting the customers needs.

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